SPI conection on Due

Which are the pins I should use for SPI comunication with arduino DUE? please specify all four wires for SCLK, MOSI, MISO and CS. I´m currently trying to conect an ADXL345 accelerometer to arduino DUE unsuccessfully using

10 for CS,
11 for SDA,
12 SDO and
13 SCL

pins. This work perfectly in my Arduino Duemilanove, but I need the 3 SPI conections (4 10 and 52) capability of Due.


Those signal names are not really SPI names, more a mix of I2C and SPI, are they from the ADXL345?

Anyway on the Due SPI is as follows

SCK - 76
MISO - 74
MOSI - 75
CS/SS - whatever pin you like. There are 2 dedicated slave select pins (D4/87 and D10/77) but I don't know if the SPI library uses them.

The pinout info is here




thanks for answerring, I´ll try those pins.
In the picture is the accel that I´m using, ADXL345, so you can see the names of the conections.

One last thing, shouldn´t been 3 dedicated spi pins D4, D10 and D52?

thanks alot.


and D52?

Yep. Missed that one.

Like I said though I'm not sure if the SPI lib uses them, I would assume not.


May be this post Summary of mysteries about SPI and extended SPI library with Due - Arduino Due - Arduino Forum can help you?