SPI pins for Arduino Nano

I am setting up some code to run on a Nano that I have previously run on a Duemilanove. The issue I have run into is I’m not sure I have the SPI pins correct. I am using the standard arduino SPI library:

#include <SPI.h>

I am using pin 10 (D7) as my chip select
I /think/ that the other pins for the nano are (from looking around the web)

The arduino website has, for the nano:

11 (MOSI), 12 (MISO), 13 (SCK)
Which I take to mean:

Rather than pin 11,12,and 13 on the nano itself…whic is different.

The page then goes on to say:

These pins support SPI communication, which, although provided by the underlying hardware, is not currently included in the Arduino language.

Which is a bit worrying - because I’m sure I’ve used the standard SPI library with no problems before!

But the nano isn’t listed. Can someone enlighten me?

SPI: 10 (SS) or Chip Select, 11 (MOSI), 12 (MISO), 13 (SCK).

11-12-13 are also on the ICSP header. MISO - 1, 2 - +5V SCK - 3, 4 - MOSI Reset - 5, 6 - GND