Spin DC Motor and Control Direction with Button and Speed with Potentiometer


I am trying to control my DC motor direction by pressing a button. It is spinning foward as i want but i need to keep the button pressed to go reverse. I need help please. I want to keep the current state of the button and spin the motor based on that. For example… If(button == pressed) then spin reverse. See my code and circuit attached

int enablePin = 11;

int in1Pin = 10;

int in2Pin = 9;

int switchPin = 7;

int potPin = 0;

int statusPin= 13;

void setup()


pinMode(in1Pin, OUTPUT);

pinMode(in2Pin, OUTPUT);

pinMode(enablePin, OUTPUT);

pinMode(switchPin, INPUT_PULLUP);



void loop()



int speed = analogRead(potPin) / 4;

boolean reverse = digitalRead(switchPin);

setMotor(speed, reverse);


void setMotor(int speed, boolean reverse)


analogWrite(enablePin, speed);

digitalWrite(in1Pin, ! reverse);

digitalWrite(in2Pin, reverse);


Have a look at the state change detect tutorial.

Each new press, toggle your boolean, reverse=!reverse.

Also look into debouncing the button. When you press it once, the Arduino is likely to detect a number of presses as the contacts bounce for a few milliseconds.

Also look into debouncing the button.

The poor man's debounce in the state change detect example may be enough, but it's a bit of an "ugly" way.

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