starter kit question... looking for suggestions for 9v toy/gadget to cannabilize

hello - new to arduino and looking forward to the tinkering/learning. in the starter kit i purchased, it lists 'things you need to supply' which includes a 9v device that includes a switch/pushbutton that i'll be hacking. i'm having trouble thinking of anything... the only thing i have lying around are those little flashlight caps that you snap on to a 9v battery. they have a switch, but i don't know if that would be good enough? i don't know if i need to prefer something that has a case that can be opened (i.e., screws, or snapped together).


robin badart
tucson, az

To provide some context to the forum members who don't own the book, the project is "Project 15: Hacking Buttons". Here is the project's sketch:

Forum thread providing links to PDFs of likely outdated, but still serviceable, versions of the Creative Commons licensed Arduino Projects book: Digital/pdf copy of the starter kit projects book - Project Guidance - Arduino Forum

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