Stash Command

Just wanna know what does Stash commands do or whats purpose of Stash Command?

Please provide more information.

Are you talking about a command you use to program your Arduino board? If so, which libraries are you using?

Or maybe you're talking about the git stash command?

I'm a begginer for Arduino.Im trying to learn how commands working and whats they do whats they purpose.I just see the stash and stash.print commands in a random project.For the library just using Ethercard library and to be honest I don't know exactly how it works :D.So just wanna take information about stash command.Thanks for reply.

People write lots of code and they make lots of functions with lots of names. I have no idea what whoever wrote whatever code you're talking about is using the identifier "stash" for. I don't have any way to find that out without you showing me specifically which piece of code you are talking about. It most certainly isn't a reserved keyword.

Post a link to the code or library.

The EtherCard library contains a class named Stash. When you do this in your code:

Stash stash;

you create an object named stash which is an instance of the Stash class. The object doesn't need to be named stash, you could name it anything you like and even create multiple instances of the Stash class.

Then when you do something like


You are calling the print function of the Stash class. Now if you look at the Stash class this might seem confusing because it doesn't define a print function. But it inherits from the Arduino core library's Print class, which does have a print function. The Print class provides some generally useful functions. You might already be have used it with Serial.print().

I don't see any specific documentation of the Stash class so you'll need to use the EtherCard example sketches and the Stash class source code:

Here's the Print class:

Information on C++ classes: