Stepper Motor Basic Questions

Is there a way to set my Stepper Motor to a specific Point?
I need it to be at a certain angle at the star of my programm but the only commands I can find are for rotating it BY a specific angle instead of TO a specific angle. Also i cant find a command to find out the current angle the motor is set to.
Many thanks in advance


Also I am likely to run into more problems during my project since i am fairly new to Arduino so i might have more questions later

Not without some kind of switch or sensor to indicate a starting point, once known, you can count steps from there.

May be you don't want a stepper and you want a servo? Steppers don't have the necessary angle detection electronics, as the name imply what they are good for is "making steps". A servomotor is an actuator that allows for precise control of angular or linear position (and velocity and acceleration) -> It embeds a motor coupled to a sensor for position feedback.

Otherwise what you need is a limit switch where your initial angle needs to be - turn the motor until the switch gets activated and you know you are at your starting point

These links may be of interest - but I agree that a servo might be more suitable

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The resolution of angle is based on the steps/revolution of the motor. You can improve on the angular resolution by using gears or a belt going from a smaller diameter gear on the motor to a larger diameter that drives the shaft.