Stepper Motor Music

I've been working on using stepper motors to make music. The sound comes simply from the hum of the motors. I've got a 3-axis stepper motor driver (Xylotex) and I'm using the Arduino to provide the appropriate control signals into the motor driver to spin the motors at the appropriate frequencies to play notes. I've got a video up on YouTube of the results: my stepper motors playing the Mario theme.

cool! :oD great job :o) but programming the sequence and looking for right "tones" must be a hell

Looking for the right tones isn’t too big a deal. I’m a musician and an engineer, so I know enough about both. The difficult part was figuring out the timing and controlling three motors at once with a single microcontroller. Thank God for timer interrupts!

Sweet! And it's just the stepper motors running? Didn't know they were that loud. And btw, great soundtrack you chose!

Yes, the only source of sound is the stepper motors. They are screwed into some L-shaped aluminum brackets that I used on an old project. Those aluminum brackets serve as resonating boards and amplify the sound quite a bit.

Absolutely sweet 8-)

Well done.

thats great! very interesting what ideas people have with arduinos ;D

Version 2.00: Longer and Uncut

Now that I've figured out that I can store much more data in the flash memory, I can play entire songs at once. This one includes the themes from several different levels.