Stepper motor queak?

Good evening everyone.
I wanted to ask for help.
Proxxon MF70 have a will which adapted three engines Nema 17 0.8 Deg / step, with one Arduino, easydrives can control the motors with universal help Gcode sender (version 1.0.7), but when I run movements greater than 10 and the motor stop squeak.
I managed to get here alone but now I need help!
Thank you and see you soon.

José Carlos (PT)


but when I run movements greater than 10 and the motor stop squeak.

I don't understand. Do you mean "squeak" as in "high pitched noise".

Do want the squeak to stop or not to stop?

Is the noise affecting the performance of anything?

Is the noise due to the stepper driver's high frequency chopping of the current to the motor.

What are all the images supposed to show? I looked at the first one and it made no sense to me.

What program are you using on your Arduino?

Post a link to the datasheet for your stepper motors.


Hello Robin2, my thanks in advance. ;)

It's very strange to time everything worked perfectly, suddenly longer journeys the motor works only at the beginning and at the end with a jammed noise. Let a movie maybe so can explain better.

Thanks again for your help.

José Carlos

The video is a good idea but the camera is jumping around too much. Make another video with the camera just pointing at the motor and speak into the microphone to say what you are selecting on the screen.

Is the motor rotating when it makes the noise? OR is it missing steps - perhaps because it is being asked to accelerate too quickly.

This simple stepper code could be used to test your motor. Just note that it assumes full steps and I believe the easydriver defaults to microsteps so you may need to increase the number of steps in the test.

You did not post a link to the datasheet for your motors

...R Stepper Motor Basics