Stepper Motor

Hello everyone,

I am completely new to arduino projects and motors and I am trying to find the right motor to connect to my arduino UNO to lift a weight of 20kg. After some online research, I understand that most probably i ll have to get a stepper motor and power it from a battery (not from the arduino). However, how much torque should i approximately look for and what other specifications should i look into?

Description of the project:

I want to lift the bottom of a tank without using a rope. I want to pull it from the sides, maybe with a geared system. If the load is too much, I could use two motors to split it.

Hope my description makes sense! Thanks in advance for the information!

Hi, you will not need a stepper motor, they are not good for lifting those sort of weights. You should be looking for a geared motor, even just google electric winch which is basically what you want. Try materials handling suppliers, 4WD places would probably think 20kg is light weight, but worth a try.

Tom..... :)

Thanks for the reply! I will look into electric winch motors and if I have any additional questions i ll post it here!

thanks again, Spiros

It's not clear from your post, but it appears you want to lift the tank using a rack and pinion system. Instead of using just two motors (10Kg each) could you use four (5Kg each) or even more, lower power, motors. You also don't say how far the tank is to be lifted. If it's only a small distance you could use something like a motorised car jack to lift it.