store the values of timer

Hi everybody I'm a newbie. I have a countdown timer and I want to store elapsed time (hours, minutes) in EEPROM The stored to be cumulative, which means every time you start the timer, the timer will add to data stored in EEPROM. Somebody have an idea to do it? If you have a code example would be great. Thanks in advance.

Did you work trough the documentation and examples in the previous posts about EEPROM you posted?

Please post the code you have written yourself so far to try solve this problem. Also please provide more information about the hardware (Arduino, EEPROM type), schematic (hand drawn is OK).

I would suggest taking some time and reading the Arduino Cookbook, it will be an invaluable aid in helping you accomplishing your project. You might also do a few online tutorials on the arduino and basic electronics. You can download KiCad, a full blown schematic capture program free of charge and no restrictions, they just ask for a donation.

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