Storing a key and value.


Im stuck. I have some data that i want to display or allow it to be displayed on an lcd.

Example data:

'30"' : '30000' // 30 sec
'30' : '33'       // 30th of a sec
'1000' : '1'     // thousandth of a second

This is to control the shutter open time on my camera. I have some buttons that would either index up or down in the stored values. which the lcd would display both values, for user input.

In python i would either do this as a dictionary or a list of lists. Im stumped, how would i do this in c?

Thanks for your time. Kym

Use two arrays, one for the left hand values and one for the right hand values. Use the same index to both arrays to get the key and value at the same position.

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Thats a good idea, thanks for your help.

You could try this: But frankly I've not touched it since I uploaded it. It worked then, that's all I know.