Storing/using data from Arduino

I’m new to Arduino and from Norway, and my English is not good.

My first project was to test this example

And now I have some ideas about how I can use data from the project.
Storing data in txt file or a window where temperatures are plotted …


I have a C# application that creates a nice graph of the data that the Arduino sends it, and stores it in a database. If you are interested in a copy, PM me.

Code received.
But my knowledge of C # is somewhat limited, so take some time before I have it in operation.


I have been logging temperatures from one of my projects for about 2 years now. ( 10 temps once every second)

I use the wonderful RRDtool on linux to log the temps as that way I always know the output size, and once you have figured out how to... it makes nice graphs.

Hope this helps...