Streaming audio from a computer to an Arduino uno using a bluetooth bee


I am trying to have my laptop connected to a speaker through Bluetooth. I have the SeeedStudio Bluetooth Shield ( ) that is mounted to the Arduino Uno which then output music to the Speaker. I am not worry about the output right now, I am having problem streaming the music from my computer. My computer detects the Bluetooth shield but I am not sure how to stream audio from it. I tried to use putty but with no luck. Does anyone have a clue how to solve my problem? Thank you Mat

Hi, unfortunately these Arduino bluetooth devices are just wireless serial communication equipments. You can use them to transfer a serial stream of data (like in Serial.write()), but they are not recognized as audio devices and the PC will never try to use them this way.

Thank you for the information spatula! Could you suggest any other way to stream audio through Bluetooth using the Arduino Uno? Thanks!


People are creative and maybe someone got a solution, but I wouldn't bet on it. In order to stream audio you need a piece of software that can interpret the digital data (a codec) and a communication layer that implements a streaming protocol. Finally, one should tamper with the BT device so that it advertises itself as an audio device.

So I have no suggestion, but you may look at the wikipedia page on BT profiles, especially the Advanced audio distribution profile, here, to get a clearer picture of what is involved.

[edit] After writing this I got curious and googled for A2DP arduino. Here's something that may be of interest: