Streaming data from GY-521 gyro to computer using arduino uno

Hey, I'm new to arduino and I am working on a chest worn device that tracks the orientation of a person. My goal is to stream the data that my gyro is collecting to the computer so a warning is made if the person has stayed for a long time in the same position. So far i have done the following conections:

GY-521 -> arduino - and i can see the data in arduinoIDE when i connect the arduino to the computer by cable
ZS-040 ->arduino using the following schematics

My question is how do i send this data via bluetooth to the computer so i can visulize it and use it?

Your picture uses a lot of space showing the Mega board is blue and the pin designations are unreadable. Being an UNO guy...
Post a proper wiring. Pen and paper often works well.
As You tell, connecting a cable, is the first suggestion.

Do you REALLY mean that? Streaming means broadcasting, a one-way transmission with no reply from a receiver.
Very few if any RF devices for an Arduino do that.

Don't use the Serial port (USB, TX0 & RX0) for the Bluetooth module. Save that port for debug and program output and you will have to disconnect the Bluetooth module to upload code. There are 3 more hardware serial ports, use one of them for the Bluetooth. And you can also speed up the Bluetooth baud rate (default is a glacial 9600).

Have you paired the Bt module to your computer? What app is connecting to the Bt module to receive the data?