Strong motor with arduino

Hey ho dear community,

[still quite new so sorry for Newbie questions]

For a project I need to use this motor (%product-title% kaufen) or a similar one.
What would be the easiest or best way to make a "stronger" motor like this work with Arduino:

  • Use a relais/transistor (how does this work?)
  • Buy a motor shield (which one and why?)

A help would be much appriciated since I'm still trying to learn and my lack of electrical engineering gets in the way sometime. Cheers:)

That motor is rated 12 VDC at 0.35 A. Just about any motor driver will work fine.

Google "arduino motor driver" for lots of tutorials. Example

There's nothing strong about the motor, that's all in the 132:1 reduction gearbox. Electrically
its just a 2.5W 12V DC motor, whatever the gearbox is.

Thanks for the comment. Ill try it and post my results for future newbies to come:)