Suggestion -- Add "Use Tabs Instead Of Spaces" Into Preferences

Now I know even the mention of indentation preferences is going to start a couple thousand fires, but whatever (That's why it's in preferences :stuck_out_tongue: ).

This change can be done by manually editing the preferences file (the option with the slightly cryptic name "editor.tabs.expand"), but I think it should be more accessible than that.


But the IDE's do tab.
In CREATE they are even highlighted slightly (which I personally don't like)

IDE tabs.jpg

IDE tabs.jpg

Most text editors will highlight double spaces and tabs, because people like both styles. If you go into some other program, say, windows notepad, you’ll see there are, in fact, two spaces.

Not sure if I missed the point but you asked for "tabs" and tabs there is.

Personally I like the two space tab but it can be freely modified and usually only somebody with a lot more programming experience would probably ask for it to be different.
And for that purpose the preferences file seems ti be the best place for it to avoid many very new people making changes that can actually cripple the IDE.