switch between soft and hard serial

I am working on a libary to communicate to a Soladin 600.
So far I use Serial.read and write inside the libary.
But it would be great if you can choose a softserial class instead.
How can I make this choice in the constroctor ?

Thanks Teding.

You need two constructors - one that takes a NewSoftSerial reference, and one that takes a HardwareSerial reference.

You class needs pointers - two of them - one for each type, and a flag that defines whether to use the NewSoftSerial pointer or the HardwareSerial pointer.

You need to use pointer notation, then, not instance notation.

Thanks Paul,
I can follow your line, but (new to C), I think I will need more of a example
to really understand it, and get it going.
So if you or anybody, has a example, or a pointer to some simulair code,.
please replay.