Switch box for HDMI and USB

Hello everybody. First post here.

So I have 8 computers that are independent from each other and I want to control them using only one mouse one keyboard and only one monitor.

My idea is to make a switch box with the HDMI and USB input (23 threads) and have 8 outputs 184 threads)

I will only use one output at a time, Arduino has to “route” the signal to the correspondent output in and out. In a way like using a rotary switch.

I have no idea where to start but it seems the way to do it is with a multiplexer. Is that possible?

I add a scheme to make my idea clearer.

When the button “2” is pressed all the leads (the individual cables in the HDMI and USB) are routed to computer Nº2. That establishes a “full duplex” connection between the two as if I just unplugged the HDMI and USB cables and plugged them into computer Nº2


Yes, a multiplexer is the sort of thing you want, but two questions come to mind.

  • Why not use one of the already readily commercially available ones? It would be cheaper than "re-inventing the wheel".
  • What does this project have to do with Arduinox? I cannot see any connection.