Switch - Case


I am new and learning programming Arduino.

This Moment I have a Problem with Switch - Case Function

Is it possible to use this:

Switch (GPSSpeed); // Integer

case >=100:

case >=50 <100:

case >=10 <50:

case <10:

Thank’s for help !!!

Single compile time constants, or contiguous ranges (with ellipses)

If you google “ Arduino case” you will find the syntax for this instruction. You can’t do what you propose, you can only work with single values for each case

  if (x >= 100)
  else if (x >= 50)
  else if (x >= 10)
  else // x < 10


Try writing your case statements in reverse order and use only the < test to keep it easy. Logically the first step processes everything less then 10. The second process everything less then 50, be sure to use the break; statement that way once a case is executed the process exits.
Good Luck & Have Fun!