t-cube gps/friend finder

would it be possible to make this using a gps shield or xbee? nothing as technical, just a display for locations of other similar gps devices.

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You need a graphic LCD, a GPS module, and some kind of wireless communication between Arduinos. The rest is just a small matter of programming.

It would be cool to use one of these $45 touch screens on an Arduino Mega: http://www.amazon.com/3-2-Touch-Shield-Mega-Arduino/dp/B006P8PROA

thanks for the reply. would an xbee be good enough to wirelessly link the arduino's upto about 1 mile? i know some go upto about 40.

An XBee is a kind of radio that might work. I have very little experience with them so I don't know what you'd need in terms of XBEE and antenna to get reliable operation of a mile over real-world terrain. Experimenting with communications would be a good first step since display and GPS are fairly well understood.

My understanding is that the XBee's can form a mesh network so that each unit only has to be in range of one other unit that is part of the mesh. That sort of design would allow a much wider area of coverage for a large group without needing the power to transmit the entire width of the area.

thats just what i wanted to hear. if the 2 devices are a success that means if i made more the range would be greater as they would bounce from one to another. thanks for the reply