TEC project

I am quite new to the electronics, but i have some knowledge.

What i need to do: I have to build a circuit which will regulate temperature of the cooling fluid. The temperature depends on the user.

What i have: 2x TEC (Peltier, 60W),2x CPU cooler for a hot side of the TEC, fans, arduino, power suply: 12V (which will supply my TEC and fans)

Some possible solution: First i was thinking about MOSFET transistors, which i will control with PWM from arduino, but i was reading that TEC has some problems with PWM. So i was thinking about using a classic RC filter and smooth output from MOSFET. Do you have any experience with this solution?
My second idea was just buy a shield used for controling DC motors. Something like this: VNH2SP30. But i am not absolutely sure how this shield works.

Can you help me with choosing the right solution for my project? If there is any better solution i am willing to try that. I dont have to use H-bridges, because one side will be always cold and the other one will be hot. Also i need primary to solve the hardware part, software is what am i better at and i will figure that out.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

PS: Not native english speaker and dont know what specs do you need to know. If there is something missing i will complete it.

The temperature depends on the user.

The user stuffs a coil of copper tubing containing the fluid under his/her armpit to warm it, or waves it around to cool it? I could see the set point coming from the user, not the heating or cooling.

What "cooling fluid" is being heated/cooled?

How rapidly does your Peltier device heat or cool the fluid? In other words, what frequency "PWM" do you need to do an adequate job of keeping the temperature within limits? If turning the heater or cooler on or off once a minute is often enough, then just do that, and don't even think about PWM.

User sets temperature on the device.

Cooling fluid is Ethylene glycol.

I have to be able to stable temperature ±0,2 °C, so i was thinking that i would not be able to do that with only switching TEC on and off, because of the ‘‘heat momentum’’. So i wanted to regulate voltage on TEC and with that regulate temperature.