Telit GPRS module library


I'm trying to use this Telit GPRS library here:

I'm having trouble getting it to compile with an Arduino Mega. I'm well versed in regular Arduino programming, but I'm very rusty on my C++, and so I don't really know where to start in debugging the issues, namely:

no matching function for call to 'gsmGPRS::gsmGPRS(HardwareSerial&, long unsigned int (*)(), HardwareSerial*)'

and (in gsmbase.h)

typedef HardwareSerial Serial;      // change here to support your serial friend
                                // Serial needs a read, write, flush, available functions

-> error: 'HardwareSerial' does not name a type

Can someone with a Mega please try installing this library and seeing if you can get it to compile? The software seems to be abandonware (I can't easily track down the author), but it looks like it has a lot of potential, it was just apparently written in a way that doesn't play nicely with the Mega's built-in Serial ports.