Temperature data from arduino to a web server then to an android phone.

Hello guys.
I'm a newbie to arduino. Can you help with the codings to send the temperature data from the arduino to the web then send it to the android phone with the help of ethernet shield. Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

send the temperature data from the arduino

What temperature data?

Where will thae Arduino be in relation to the webserver?

Once the webserver has the data and displays it won't you just use the phone to browse to the website?

i mean the temp data will be seen in an android application.

You can send the temp data to xively, q.v. This can then be displayed on any device with a web browser, anywhere. No special app needed.

You would be well-advised to use a standard W5100 ethernet shield and DS18B20 sensors, as these are very well-supported.

If you haven't already got an Arduino, it would be a good idea to get a Mega. Data-logging projects like this can grow quite quickly and you can run out of memory. You will not be caught short with a Mega.