Temperature sensor with LCD and Motor

I am working on a small project where i am using a 16X2 lcd to display the current room temperature in deg F. Two pushbuttons are used, one to turn on the system and another to turn off the system. Works like that of a home thermostat. When the temperature is above a certain level then a motor turns on an likewise a red led. When the temperature is below a set point then a blue led turns on and at another point it begins to flash. My question is why does the lcd going nuts or crazy once the 3-6v dc motor turns on???
I am using a tmp36 gz temp sensor. Ive attached my code and wiring layout.... Any help would be greatly appreciated.

On_off_button_code_with_temp.ino (3.7 KB)

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Are you really powering a motor from the Arduino 5V power supply? There's your problem. When the motor turns on it plays hell with the supply voltage. Get a proper external power supply for the motor. That will probably solve the problem with the LCD.