TFT 3.2inch 320x480 LCD

Hi i have this LCD

I am trying to run it on arduino Mega, i also have arduino UNO, i also have raspberry pi
i spent the whole day researching on internet tried different libraries and examples but no luck
i tried Adafruit_HX8357.h, TFT_HX8357.h, UTFT.h with many modes like 16 bits or SPI etc etc
can you guide me to a library that i can try. could be of MEGA, UNO or PI
Thank you

It is almost certainly 3.3V display.
So you must use level shifters with a 5V Mega.

I can't read the printing on the pcb from the photo in your link.

I would select SPI interface.
Use level shifters on each signal.
Use the Adafruit_HX8357 SPI library.

You may have damaged it already if you connected to 5V.

Either post a clear photo of the pcb.
Or type all the printed legends from the pcb.


I am using UTFT and URTouch by rinkydinkelectronics (UTFT - Rinky-Dink Electronics). It's a great library with great documentation.

You will need a TFT LCD shield for Mega 2560 and a TFT LCD screen. I am using mostly ILI9341 with SD card slot.

I also made my own shield, which you can see more about here: - YouTube

Thank you for the responce
I connected the LCD power to a 3.3V source, but I connected other pins directly to Arduino MEGA, Maybe that was my mistake.

Either post a clear photo of the pcb.

Thanks for the photo. It is configured for 8080-16 parallel interface. You need twenty one level shifter channels.

I would choose SPI-4. Only 6 level shifters for logic signals. Power controller from Mega 3.3V pin. Power backlight from 5V via series resistor (if possible). If BL comes from 3.3V use an external 3.3V supply instead of Mega 3.3V pin.