The .h file be changed as C/C++ in WIN10

How to do with this?
No code, just a new file open a New Tab save as .h and it came.


Does anyone else not understand the question?

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You're not the only one :wink:

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Windows is just showing that the .h extension is a C/C++ file, nothing odd about that. You can have Windows show file extensions if the lack of the .h bothers you.

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Thank you.
you point the point, it is the lack of .h file when I have exactly the file name there.

Hi @shanren. Please do this:

  1. From the menu at the top of your Windows File Explorer window, click on "View".
  2. This will open a menu that has some various options to configure File Explorer. There you will see a checkbox: [] File name extensions. Check that box.

Now you will be able to see the ".h" file extension because silly Windows will no longer hide it from you.

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Thank you.
Still there.

We want to help you, but you have not explained what you need help with so that is impossible for us to do.

Please take some time to write a very detailed explanation of your problem or question.

  • What did you do?
  • What were the results you expected from doing that?
  • What were the results you observed that did not match your expectations?
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Sorry I didn't say clear.
The thing is, a sketch runs well in my WIN7, when I move to a WIN10, some time a error came it is lack of xx.h file, when I checked it and found the .h file is became into C/C++/ Objective by the system. That's why I asked here why that changes and is it necessary and possible to changed it back.

Windows is simply matching the ".h" file extension with these file types:

When you install a program, it can define additional associations for a file extension, so you might see them change over time. There is some way to configure this, but the file type is correct, so there's no problem. My advice is to simply ignore it and get back to having fun with Arduino.

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Thank you.

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