The "USB HOST Shield" and "ETHERNET Shield" can work toghether?

Good Morning to everyone,
I need to use one USB X-Keys Module ( with an Arduino Mega and Ethernet Shield.
The two shields, can work toghether?

I can’t understand the datasheet, and I can’t understand if they use the same pin.

can you help me?
Thank you.

Two problems:

  1. The Ethernet Shield ( does not provide a pass-through for the ICSP connector and the USB Host 2.0 ( also doesn't provide a pass-through for the ICSP connector. That means no matter which shield goes on the bottom the top board won't be able to connect to the SPI bus through the ICSP connector.

  2. They both use Pin 10 for the SPI Slave Select signal.

To fix the problems you can use the Host Shield Mini and wire to an alternate data pin for the SS signal.

Another fix might be to use the Arduino Mega ADK (Android Development Kit) which is an Arduino Mega with a built-in USB Host Shield. You should then be able to put the Arduino Ethernet Shield on top.

thank you for your answer
if both the arduino board is similar in charatteristics, I can use the SDK.
Great solution.
Thank you.


I am in the same situation.
USB shield and Ethernet shield
I have re-wired the SS pin on the USB shield
To ensure that my ICSP pins are connected, I replaced my Ethernet shield with double sided male connectors and then used jumpers wires on the mega2560 and the USB shield to ensure physical connectivity between the ICSP connectors.
I still seem to have trouble with the SPI communication on my USB shield
Any reason why?