TimeLib.h: No such file or directory

I have download library from: http://www.pjrc.com/teensy/td_libs_DS1307RTC.html I am using arduino 1.6.5 & atmega2560 R3. Upon building I got error: TimeLib.h: No such file or directory

Upon building I got error: TimeLib.h

And it never occurred to you that you might need to download that library, too?

I did... but I'm not able to locate it, anyone can put a link to the TimeLib library here?



The needed library is not necessarily obvious.

The name of the library is actually "Time" not "TimeLib". This is because Time was the original name and still is the library name. Do to issues with Windows not honoring all characters in filenames (it ignores case)m There was a name conflict between Time.h and time.h on Windows with certain cores (I think Due, ESP, and a few others). The file time.h was being included from a different library area instead of Time.h from the Time library which caused problems. The solution (ugly hack) was to simply add a new file called TimeLib.h to the Time library to allow things to work on Windows by using TimeLib.h instead of Time.h

If you install the Time library you should be ok.

--- bill