Timer countdown for light on/off lights

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I am working on a freelancing project. For that i am working on Nextion display to control external light through nextion GUI.

Here I am mentioning my problem queries regarding my project.

Note- 1. I am using the Nextion enhanced series Arduino Uno board.
2. Connection schematic I am attaching here.( PFA -- pic 1_light image )

  1. How to turn On/Off external light through the timer countdown function. i.e i wanted to turn ON light for 1 hour & after 1 hour light should be OFF, so for that how can i design my GUI button and code for system. The timer countdown should be HH-MM-SS.
    I did one demo to turn on/off through the timer countdown but I am getting some issues regarding the timer. Means i am not able to set hours-minutes-second format in GUI. For that i am attaching my GUI Picture.
    Could you guide me to make a proper timer countdown function to turn on/off light?
    Can you please make one video on timer countdown function to turn on/off light (external)?

  2. How to interface PIR motion sensor with nextion display?

Sir, If you get any solution or any videos for it , please share with me, I am eagerly waiting for your response .

Thank you !

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