Timers on the Arduino Mega 2560

Hi all, I am contemplating a project where I would want to have three independent timer interrupts running simultaneously and want to understand how the Arduino platform uses the timers on the Mega (ATMega 2560-based boards). As I understand, the ATMega 2560 has four 16-bit timers available and two 8-bit ones. Ideally I would like to hijack three of the 16-bit timers.

My question is, I know that usually one timer channel needs to be left alone for the rest of the Arduino framework to work properly. I do not care about losing use of the Arduino library PWM functions. Can anyone tell me which Arduino pins/functions map to which timers on the AVR?

Thanks in advance!

Timer 0 is used for general timekeeping (millis() function and friends). Other timers are used by the Tone() functions. Otherwise:

Timer 1A: D11
Timer 1B: D12

Timer 3A: D5
Timer 3B: D2
Timer 3C: D3

Timer 4A: D6
Timer 4B: D7
Timer 4C: D8

Timer 5A: D46
Timer 5B: D45
Timer 5C: D44

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