TinyUSB + Adafruit Circuit Express = No USB Stack

I am experimenting with WebUSB for my company, as it does have a lot of potential as we move away from native windows applications to more internet browser based applications.

I have purchased a Adafruit Circuit Playground Express and have been following the guide, Overview | Using WebUSB with Arduino and TinyUSB | Adafruit Learning System. My issue is that although I've installed the additional libraries and boards through the respective managers, when I select Adafruit Playground as the board, I do not see the option to change the USB stack!

I am currently using the Arduino IDE version 1.8.15 (I have also tried the nightly build without no success). I can install sketches onto the Circuit Playground Express, such as the demo and that works fine.

Not sure what I am doing wrong, so any help would be gratefully received.

Arduino IDE v1.8.15
TinyUSB Library v1.4.2
Arduino SAMD Boards v1.8.11 (This includes the Adafruit CPE board as I presume the Adafruit SAMD Boards have been replaced by this one.)

Hi - did you install it through the library manager? or direct download? I just used the library manager, downloaded the adafruit tinyUSB Library, and the boards manager to download the Adafruit SAMD boards package. It gave me the options.

Hi Missdrew.

Thanks for your reply. :grinning:

They were downloaded via the respective managers, however, the board manager does not list the Adafruit SAMD boards package, only the Arduino SAMD which includes the Adafruit Playground Circuit Express. I'm guessing they could be the same thing, but not 100% sure.

I can see from your screen shot, you get many more options in that section than I do. I may try uninstalling everything and starting from scratch, just in case.

In the Preferences - Additional Boards Manager URLs I have added


check if you have this!

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Morning MissDrew.

Thank-you once again for the prompt reply and also the reason why I wasn't seeing the USB stack option.

I can now see and select it the USB Stack. :+1:

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