TIP120 to Control Actuator Help

Hey guys,

I am having some trouble wiring this breadboard. I am trying to control an actuator. This actuator has 3 leads (see attached picture)- red, blue, and yellow. These refer to open, close, and ground, respectively. Based on this I have determined that I will need 2 transistors- one to complete the open-ground circuit, and one to complete the close-ground circuit. I am trying to automate this actuator. My wiring seems to be all messed up though. I can get the program to open the actuator, but then it just continues trying to open it. Do I even need two transistors? Is this even possible with transistors? I am a beginner with electronics. Thanks a lot.

Link us to the data sheet for the actuator.
Show us a picture of your wiring.
Show us your sketch.
What power supply do you have?

That image looks extremely familiar... :slight_smile: There is another long thread about it.