Touchscreen LED dimmer

my set up is the following pretty simple really

Adafruit TFT FeatherWing - 3.5" 480x320 Touchscreen
Adafruit Feather STM32F405 Express

But what I am trying to do is simple.
I am trying to make a touchscreen slider,
The slider in turn sends an output that can be used for an led control
basically an slider led dimmer switch.

Please any help is appreciated

Read the ‘how to’ at the top of every forum section to get best results. You need to produce a logical plan, a schematic and some code. If you want someone to do it for you go to the gigs and collaborations section where you can pay them. Otherwise look up basic tutorials to put together some code in a logical step by step approach. Try looking at things such as fade, pwm, analogwrite etc