Transfer power and signal to a rotating platform

I am thinking of building a NeoPixel-based lamp, in which the vertical column supporting the bulb and shade is a transparent plastic cylinder, with vertical Neopixel strips inside. But as an added twist, I want to be able to rotate this cylinder at controlled RPM, to see what sort of interesting new lighting effects I could achieve.

So here’s the problem. I need to transfer power (two wires) and signal (one wire) from a stationary source into the rotating structure. If I had a circular disc at the bottom of the cylinder with three concentric copper circles, made, say, from copper clad board, this could be done. But I suspect that the copper would quickly wear away with continued use.

Does anybody have any experience with such a device, or any good ideas as to how to make a good durable mechanism?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Search for "slip ring". They are meant for this purpose.

You can buy ready made slip rings, such as this one from Adafruit.

Slip rings are mechanical devices, not as perfect as one may think. They may suffer from bouncing, resulting in power interrupts or signal mutilation. Take care for a power reservoir (big cap, battery...) on the turning site, eventually use a higher supply voltage to reduce the currents over the power supply lines, and a step down converter to get the required voltage back.

Data transmission may become the most critical part of your project, eventually use wireless (RF, IR...) means for transmitting the signal.