Transistor Circuit for Button read?

I need to use push button program. but instead of push button I need to change transistor can you give me the exact circuit for that. I need with out noise.

If transitor would be 107 or 109 means It will be very useful for me.

Thank u

A 107 / 109 transistor?

If you want to simulate a button press, a common NPN will do...

I really don't understand what you're asking

Explain the whole of what it is you want to do.

Possibly referring to common transistors BC107/108/109.

Another guess due to lack of information is that he wishes to replace a push button with a NPN transistor.

If this is the case, then use the basic switch configuration but put the transistor collector to the IO pin, emitter to ground and a 10k resistor to the base.


If it is the recurrent "operate the buttons on my remote control" problem, the better answer is to use a 74HC4066. Does four buttons at a time, no resistors.

I don't see why just a resistor from a dig pin to 1 side of the button and gnd to the other side, it's only going to require a tiny amount of current..


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