Trigger audio playing...

Hey every! i have a question.. i have the audio bored form Adafruit Wave Shield and it works great. know i trying to see how i can get my Triple-axis analog accelerometer to trigger a file to play.. the idea is so if it was siting on the table and i would pick it up. i would want it to play file "pick up.wav" and if i would throw it i would have it to play file "WTF.wav"...

anyone have an idea??

Are you able to get data from the accelerometer? Are you able to distinguish between sitting still, normal handling, and abuse? Do you know how to use an if/else statement?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, you can make the wave shield (not bored) play the songs you want.

If not, time to check out the reference section and some tutorials. Which ones? Depends on what you need help with, if anything.

Your post looked like you were just asking permission. If that is the case, permission is granted.

Let me add a couple of question to Paul’s list:
1’) Understand average value and standard deviation?
2’) Understand vectors and their components?

All you asked for can be done by arduino BTW. The WTF function could be what IBM’s laptop hard drives have as free-fall sensing, which they might have pioneered by the way.

My psudo-code:

average ~= g and std<threshold ===> sitting still
average >0.5g and std> threshold ===> being picked up
average <0.2g ===> WTF?!

I made a flip-music box with this principle but didn’t think of dropping it intentionally so I don’t have the WTF function.