Trouble Reading a .csv file from USB (Yun used as a sensor datalogger)

Guys and girls, I'm not a complete novice but any input is welcome!

I've got a Dragino Yun Shield I'm using as a data logger alongside an Uno. I'm using a USB stick cause the shield doesn't have an SD slot.

Everytime I run the datalogger, the .csv file will not open and it repeatedly says there is an error.

I've done my best to put all the files and folders in the right order but if someone could point out exactly how I structure the directorys on the USB I'd be grateful.

P.s the instructions I'm using are below, but I'm still getting it wrong.....

/* USB flash datalogger

This example shows how to log data to the USB flash attached to MS14. .

The circuit: * ms14 has a M32 module. * USB flash acctached to ms14.

Prepare your USB flash: creating an empty folder in the USB flash root named "data". and create a file call "datalog.csv".

You can remove the USB flash while the Linux and the sketch are running but be careful not to remove it while the system is writing to it.

This example is a reference from:


Move code base from ATmega32U4 to AR9331. Datalog to csv file with timestamp

or upgrade to SQL database:

Python and Sqlite3