Trying to create a very simple web server over GSM with ESP32

Hi guys!

Im working on a project with ESP32, specificly a TTGO t-call V1.4 which has SIM800L module. My project is a luxometer in real time using multitasking(core 0 to the luxometer and core 1 to connect, and send by mqtt every 5 minutes). It is my first project with arduino and Im spending a lot of time with it, but step by step it works.

The problem comes here, I need to create a web server over GSM. I have search for days some example or library that allows me to create this web server, but nothing works.

I have tried with this: (
but it doesnt compile, I suppose because it is a library for arduino and not for ESP32, I dont know...

Has someone managed to create a web server for GSM in ESP32?

Thank you all in advance, and sorry for my English and my lack of experience.

Do you really need a web server? I'm thinking it might be easier to do this kind of project using some MQTT thingy.

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