Tweeting with Ethernet shield?

Hello :) i've been trying to find a way to post messages on twitter with the ethernet shield. Unfortunately most examples I've found are outdated now and do not work. What ways are there to post tweets that still work? (I'm comfortable using "unsafe" third party sites, as I don't use my twitter account anyway)

Something else I would like to try would be to search for a wikipedia article with the arduino and then display something like the first sentence on an LCD module. Has anyone got an example or so how to do this?


If you search for ethernet shields on eBay you find a lot of really cheap ones, that look the same as the official one and use the same W5100 chip. Are these the same as the official one? This one for example

Please don't tell me I'm the first to try this :-\

This one works for me(tm), I've used it the other day just for test it. twit from the example sketch that comes with the lib: