Twitter OAuth without a proxy

NeoCat's twitter library is fine, but I want to be able to send and receive tweets, accomplishing OAuth authentication natively on the Arduino.

There is a library that purports to do so here:

However, I have not been able to make it work.

Has anyone else used this library successfully, OR used a different library that sends tweets directly from the hardware, including OAuth negotiation?

hi i do a chage for this library Arduino Twitter Library with OAuth Support for an wifishield, and i try to connect(to make post tweet). bt it doesn t work, but i have try to get time with the library and it s ok; so the library work with the wifi shield after doing the change on *.h and *.cpp. the problem is the post methode doesn t work. have tray other methode of this library???

if you want to send and recieve tweet you need to use other library; i have found this one but i can't make it work, the only methode that work in my code is Get_time.(i have do the same with this library i modified it for wifi shield). so try tu use this