Two different SPI modes not working properly when put together

Hello, I have a Hw-125
and an Enc-28j60 mini which works fine separately, but when I try to put them together using the same SPI bus they don't work.

I tried to set their chip selectors pin as output and change the one that I wanna use to LOW and the other to High, but it doesn't works. I also saw the same problem in this discussion: Arduino UNO with ENC28J60 module and SD card module - #2 by Juraj
and tried to apply the proposed solutions, but it doesn't work for me.

Does somebody already had this kind of issue and know a way to solve it?

I also took a picture of mine breadboard if it helps with something, but I believe the pinout is right.

Okay so far, now initialize each output to the deselected state of the module. Selected does not everywhere mean a LOW level.

One more possible problem: not all SPI modules turn off their MISO output when deselected.

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Hello DrDiettrich. Thank you for the answer.
I used some leds to figure out what is happening, and it's exactly what you said, the micro sd MISO keeps sending HIGH even when the component is deselected. At first sight, I thought about use a relay module to solve it. Is this a good solution, or there's a better way to solve it?

A relay is very clumsy for this problem. A diode and a pullup resistor will do as well.

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