Two I2C sensors and 1 I2C LCD (20x4) won't power using 5V barrel jack

Good day to all. Thank you for reading this.

I have two i2c sensors, 20x4 lcd and UNO R3. Everytime I plug in ng the 9V barrel jack (beside USB port)in the UNO R3, the lcd won’t light up.

I tried to use, 1 i2c sensor and lcd, it works fine. However, if I attached another i2c sensor, the lcd won’t power up.

All are using 5V, GND, SDA, SCL.

Address and code are fine. Only it won’t power up. I don’t know why.

Anyone can give me an advice? THANK YOU .

What power supply or battery size are you connecting to the power jack? What happens if you power the project from USB?

What are the "I2C sensors"?

Connect your meter to Vcc (5V) and ground. Monitor Vcc.