Two Xbee S2C pro and Nextion touch panel as remote control?

Dear all,

I have build one robot with 7 servo motors and 2 motor for wheels.

I want to program a Nextion touch screen to use it as a Remote control.

I want to buy two Xbee Pro S2C

1 for the robot that uses an arduino Uno and other with an arduino nano for the touch screen.

do you know if is it possible to comunicate this two arduino to control the robot using this 2 xbee and touch panel?

what other pieces would I need?

Thank you in advance.

The Nextion has a serial output and the Xbee Prop S2 has a serial input so you should be able to send Nextion commands direct to Xbee and via radio to the Xbee at the robot. The processor at the robot will have to interpret the serial stream from the Nextion pushbutton commands. Looks like an easy fix... Indoor range 90m!

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