U8g2: Graphics Library with UTF8/Unicode support and Chinese Fonts included

Hi All

Please excause posting to this forum as a none native speaker.
I just want to annouce U8g2, a graphics library for many monochrome displays, which now supports UTF8.
With U8g2 you can control OLEDs and LCDs. Chinese glyphs can be entered directly in the Arduino IDE and they will appear exactly like this on the target OLED or LCD:

Download U8g2 from the Library Manager of the Arduino IDE (search for u8g2).

Due to the memory limitations of the Arduino Boards, the number of glyphs in the font is limited. Let me know whether important chinese gylphs are missing or whether I should remove some of the glyphs to save some memory.

There are currently three fonts included with U8g2, containing a different number of chinese glyphs.
You can see the font maps here: fntgrpunifont · olikraus/u8g2 Wiki · GitHub.

The unicode lists for the three fonts are here:

I do not know much about chinese language and fonts, so any comments and suggestions are highly welcome.

Documentation for U8g2 is here: Home · olikraus/u8g2 Wiki · GitHub.