u8glib + another SPI device

I fail to put together an 128x64 lcd (ST7920) and 23LC1024, a SRAM by Microchip.

Both of them are on SPI, with different CS pins; the libraries used are u8glib and SpiRAM extended

Simply adding the line

SpiRAM SpiRam(SPI_CLOCK_DIV2, sramSSpin, CHIP_23LC1024);

makes the image flicker and go garbled (see below -- the sketch is a simple Conway Life game).

I tried with all valid values for SPI_CLOCK_DIV, but same result.

Taken separately, both circuits and libraries work perfect.

Did anyone managed so far to use u8glib + another SPI device (other than the LCD) ?
Is it (maybe) a known issue ?