Ultrasonic Transducers

So basically, i have got a pair of ultrasonic transducers 40KHZ like the ones here :
so i decided to make a module for it that is compatible with arduino and found this great website :
But its confusing as it is for a 27khz transducer, would it work for a 40khz transducer ?

But it says on that page:-

Of course, using the higher priced 40 kHz sensors should achieve even better performance.

So the answer would seem to be yes.
All you have to do is to change the code so that the arduino produces 40KHz and not 24KHz.
That is easy enough to do because the function that sets it up:-
void startTransducer(float freq, float dutyCycle)
Takes in a value for the frequency, just substitute this with your new one.

Thanks. Thats great. All in to make it now. !