Ultrasound sensor noise reduction

I am using ultrasound sensors for my mobile robot.I want to know what are the ways in which we filter out the noise associated with its sensor readings.What are the ways in which the noise can be reduced to minimum?

And also what are the specific noise filtering techniques used for various other sensors used in robotics such as IR and other distance measuring sensors?(NOT LASER)

You need a bandpass filter and probably an amplifier. Here is a good application note. There are modules that have amplifiers and bandpass filters built in.

Maxim note 10kHz IR receiver made Jun15.pdf (88.3 KB)

Do continous readings in the loop. Then a running average to minimize the effect of false values.

What kind of noise do you mean?

A simple solution could use a RC high pass filter to convert the expected pulses into spikes, which cause an interrupt or trigger a flip flop when they occur together with the slopes of the sender signal (synchronous demodulator).