Unable to upload sketch in arduino uno

I have burned my arduino bootloader using default ICSP cable with ISP program and it eventually uploaded perfectly and I have uploaded a test program with the ISP itself now I am uploading an program using USB and I am not able to do so. I am having the following error as shown in the image.
Need your valuable suggestions.

Did you select the correct serial port and board under Tools?

Yes I have selected the correct serial port along with the board. The problem that I see is in Arduino ISP program as the same program is burned in other Arduino board and I am facing the same error.
If I can again burn an default Bootloader I might be able to solve the issue.

Did you reset your programmer under Tools to the default one? AVR ISP mkII is the default I think, but I'm not really sure. Did you burn the bootloader with the Arduino IDE or another program?

Yes I have burned bootloader using Arduino IDE. I am not sure about AVR ISP

What programmer is selected under tools for uploading a sketch?

@er_prashant_93 If you carried out the steps correctly and the only issue now is your computer and IDE recognizing your board and allowing you to upload a sketch, then try the steps below:

Install the board's core via the Arduino IDE:
· Tools > Board > Boards Manager
· Search for "Arduino AVR Boards"
· From the drop-down menu select latest version
· Click "Install/update"
· Wait for installation to finish
· Click "Close" and restart your IDE.
. Plug your board back to the computer and select the board and port via tools.
See https://www.arduino.cc/en/Guide/Cores

For clone boards, see Using Arduino IDE with unofficial Arduino clones bearing CH340 chip | by Andrey Semenyuk | Dev Genius
Note: Use a data USB cable and do not use a USB hub or USB 3.0 port.

When you did that you erased the bootloader. You will need to do another Tools > Burn Bootloader in order to start uploading over USB.

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