Unification Engine

Hi there by any chance anyone knows how unification engine works? I need guidance through.

I get to know this by my lecturer and I am curious to find out how I am able to use this. I am currently doing a project on how to send SMS to your phone when my temperature sensor hits a certain value. I am currently using Arduino Uno and Wifi Shield.

If i am not wrong, unification engine uses visual studio for the coding right? How am i suppose to write the codes? I hope someone can help me through, thanks in advance.


I have no idea. But I have solved the temperature sensor > sms problem using IFTTT and the littleBits cloud bit. Using an Arduino to pre- or post- process the data is optional. It does tie you into that ecosystem though.

hi there ChrisTenone,

IFTTT is sort of a drag and drop applications yeah? By using littleBits cloud bit, are we suppose to use the littleBits or we can use arduino as a replacement?

Thanks anyway.

LittleBits has an Arduino module, but you can also use a regular Arduino. The 'cloud bit' works with IFTTT. IFTTT is a very simple interface. I would set it up by hooking a temperature sensor and a threshold bit to the cloud bit. When the temp hits a certain point, it will trigger the cloud bit to contact IFTTT. Your recipe in IFTTT would be, if cloud bit signal, then send sms.

It sounds kinda like your 'unification engine' but more simplistic.