Universal IR Remote Project - need advice

Hello everybody,

I just bought an arduino uno few weeks ago and after following some basic beginner tutorials, I think I actually found out a good use for this arduino. I have a sound system which was only controllable by a remote control and couple of years ago, the original remote control died and since then, i'm not able to make this system work at all. I thought I could programme the arduino to be used to send the IR codes to this sound system and hopefully having it working again. I was able to find quite a few tutorials online on how it's possible to read the IR codes from a universal remote and re-transmit however, my main problem is I have no idea what codes the original remote control used to send to the sound system.

So, my question is, how is it possible (if at all possible) or what are the options I have to somehow send a variety of codes to the sound system and then, if a particular code works I keep track and eventually, once I have a list of all the working codes I map them up to the universal remote.

Any help, tips or suggestions will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


You have to also determine the type of protocol is needed.
Know anyone who has a similar setup/remote?


Hi - thanks for your quick response.

I have emailed the company to try and get some info on the codes used, hoping they will reply and I get some more information. If anybody has an idea, it's a boston acoustics dt6000 and unfortunately, I know nobody who has such a system :frowning:

Are there any other options in case I don't have this information?


~40 is a magic number :wink:

I actually saw these when doing my quick research - most probably it’s gonna be easier this way :slight_smile: Thanks for your input.